low voltage automatic 32amp 63amp over-voltage protection remote control earth leakage dc miniature electrical circuit breaker

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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Poles Number:
Rated current:
10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A
Rated voltage:
Retardant polycarbonate
Break capacity:
Instantaneous trip type:
Mounting method:
Din rail mounted
Action time of delay:
Reset time:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month for circuit breaker
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Packaging Details
professional export carton for circuit breaker
Shanghai/Ningbo Port
Lead Time :
5-7days after we confirm the payment for circuit breaker

low voltage automatic over-voltage protection remote control earth leakage dc miniature electrical circuit breaker


This Autoreclosure Mini Circuit Breaker (hereafter to as circuit breaker) is used for the single phase line of AC 50Hz, rating operating voltage: 230V, rating current ≤63A. It realizes switch breaking and closing by remote control, and protects line from overload and short-circuit. Also, it can be used to the line operated infrequently. The product is mainly applied to control the breaking and closing of line with prepayment meter. It is also suitable for civilian use and commercial buildings.


 The mean of the model number 

A pplication environment 

1. Ambient air temperature: -5~+40

The average temperature doesn’t exceed 35 in 24h.

2. The altitude of the installation site doesn’t exceed 4000m generally.

3. In the installation site, the relative humidity in the air must not exceed 50% when the environment temperature is over 40.And much higher relative humidity conditions is allowed when the temperature is much lower. The maximum average relative humidity must not exceed 90% and the minimum average temperature must not exceed 25 at the end of this month. The condensation on the surface of the product which was caused by the change of temperature must be considered.

4. Circuit Breaker shall be installed vertically. The handle up is incoming line terminal.

5. No obvious impact and vibration in the installation site.

6. Degree of pollution: Class 2.

7. Installation Class: Class 2.


 Main Technical Data 


Rating current (A): 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100

Breaking capacity: 6KA

Tripping curve: Type C

Overload current protection characteristic

Operating Voltage scope:(70% ~110% )Un

Auxiliary Power: AC (220)V

Action time of delay: 0.5s<T<2s

Reset time: ≤30s

Pole number: 1P+N

Electrical life: 4000 cycles

Machine life: 10000 cycles

Electrical machinery life: 1000 times

Product implementing standards: IEC60898-1, GB10963.1



Rating Current

Initial State

Testing Current





Cold state

1.13 In





Hot state

1.45 In





Cold state

2.55 In










Type C

Cold state

5 In



10 In





 Product structure and operating principle 


This Circuit Breaker is consisting of a Mini Circuit Breaker and Multi-function reclosing device.

The Mini Circuit Breaker is consist of shell, operating mechanism, delay and instantaneous release, contact terminal, arc extinguish chamber,etc.

The contact terminal only stay at a closing or opening position; Turn the handle at “ON” position, and it works through mechanism by driving the moving contact close to the fixed contact;


When the protected circuits is overloaded, the overloaded current makes the thermostat metals warped and makes lock tripping. The organization makes the moving contact away from fixed contact to implement function of breaking circuits;


When the protected circuit is short-circuiting, the current makes the instantaneous release tripping, the coil pull in the electromagnet, the lever push away the latch and realize the function of breaking line.

Multifunctional Autoreclosure is consist of shell, drive, mechanism, control, wiring, electrical machine, shunt release, contact terminal and arc extinguish chamber.

The main function of the control circuit is to control the motor and shunt tripping.


When the peripheral equipment (such as a Pre-payment electricity meter) gives signal voltage, and the electrical machine will work by the control circuit. The control circuit switch on shunt tripping device through the voltage of transmission mechanism. Through the action of the circuit breaker’s tripping mechanism which is composed of shift level and multifunctional autoreclosure to achieve a fast opening action in order to achieve the function of shut-off circuit.


 Product Show 





 Overall and Mounting Dimensions 


Installation, Operation and Maintenance 

Examine the Circuit Breaker intact. Before switching on the power, the circuit breaker must be operated fixedly by people for several times.

Examine the button “Automatic-Manual” can be used normally, and set it into “Automatic” or “Manual” state by the request of the user.

Examine the rating current is consistent with normal working conditions.

Examine the rating current is consistent with actual using line.

Connect the line as the wiring diagram.



 Usage and Maintenance 

1. The circuit breaker can be installed at “Automatic” or “Manual” position. If the user doesn’t need the function of “Automatic”, he can set it to “Manual”. It still has the function of remote control shunt trip, when the function of “Automatic” doesn’t work.

If the user doesn’t need the function of automatic closing and shunt trip, he can cut the auxiliary power and control signal off, and then set the circuit breaker to the “Manual” position.

2. In “Automatic” position, the line is in on-position. If the circuit breaker is in the off-position because of the overload, short-circuit or man-made activity, it will close automatically through man-made activity, or cut off the external control signals and connect again.

3. When the circuit breaker is in “Automatic” condition, and the external power is interrupting in the process of automatic closing,meanwhile, the handle is not closed in time, to prevent the line from the unpredictable malfunction or accident, the user could setthe circuit breaker into “manual” condition, then turn handle to the off-position. The user can set the circuit breaker into “Automatic” position after transmitting power from external the line work or solving the line fault.

4. The circuit breaker should be inspected regularly during the working time. Examination cycle depends on the working conditions. Cut off the power and then inspect. The item should be inspected as following:

4.1 Clean the dirt between the terminal of input and output, in order to prevent the line from interelectrode short-circuiting.

4.2  Screw the terminal bolts.



 Packages   Transportation  Storage 

1. The package of circuit breaker conforms to the standard of GB/T15464-1995;

2. Transporting environment of the package: -40~+70;

The relative air humidity ≤ 90%;

To protect the circuit breaker in store from shake and damp in the natural condition.

3. The circuit breaker without the package should be stored in door.

Temperature: 0 ℃~ 40℃The relative air humidity ≤ 85%, No harmful substance in air to cause corrosion.

4. The circuit breaker should be packed of the factory original package, stored on the shelf in the store.



1. Within 18 months from the date of delivery, if the customer find the circuit breaker do not conform with the standards, the company will be responsible for the repair or replace only if the user is comply with constructions and the factory sealed is intact. 

2. The specification, product Inspection Conformity Certificate and attachment are offered with the product.